LESSONS and teaching: building curiosity through the violin

Philosophy on Exploration

I find that my process for learning, and thereby teaching, requires a rigorous approach to curiosity. To be critical without wonder and imagination, and vice versa - to be curious and imaginative without guiding purpose - is unfulfilling.

Every relationship between a teacher and student is one of mutual respect and exploration. I believe that the study of music is one of many avenues of studying the inner human spirit, and the processes of discovery are no different than those used in the scientific method and the research projects of other academic fields. 

If one can use a process of discovery to better understand the world we live in, to see beyond the sky and stars and to delve into the microscopic and inner workings of our bodies and nature, we may use a similar process of discovery in music to better understand the emotional forces that govern the world in which our spirit and consciousness dwell. 

Lessons and Instrumental Study

I cater my teaching to the needs of the student. It is very important to me to perceive what the needs of the student are, and to better understand his or her hopes, desires, and visions. The following approach can be adapted to the age and musical background of the student.

My approach to lessons is multi-dimensional:

1. Building an understanding of mechanics for sound production on the violin and the technique for expression.

2. Understanding the concepts that inform musical interpretation (related to theory and ear-training).

3. Engagement of the artistic voice and connection to the deeper self for sincere musical expression. This includes understanding how the body itself is a resonant structure that serves the voice, as the instrument is a body that serves and sculpts a particular type of sound.

4. Using imaginative frameworks for technical mechanics to serve the artistic voice.

I try my best to apply these four approaches to students of any age, background, and level of study.

Photographer: Claudio Papapietro

Photographer: Claudio Papapietro

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